For over 35 years through his speaking and writing career, Tim has been sharing his message of
Wisdom, Courage, Faith and Optimism with millions of people around the world.
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There is an old saying that, "Successful and happy people do the things that failures won't do. "During my thirty-five year speaking and writing career I have discovered that less than ten percent of the population are willing to pay the price for lasting success, wealth and happiness. Before you proceed, ask yourself, "Are you one of the ten percent?" If you are - I salute you. You will find a wealth of information on this site that can speed your journey forward. If you are not, I would ask you, what are you waiting for or what or who is holding you back?

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You or your employees can train with me for one or two days at one of my public programs held twice a year in Charlotte. These sales "bootcamps" are limited to twenty-five participants and I guarantee they will get more practical sales ideas and techniques that they can put to practice immediately than at any other seminar on the market today. If I don’t exceed your expectations, you will receive a full refund. 

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I wish you success, happiness and a life filled with laughter, joy, peace and happiness. Enjoy your life journey!

Tim Connor, CSP
Best selling author and world renowned speaker, trainer and business coach

38 Years - 565 clients - 21 countries - 4015 presentations - over 80 published books - 92% Repeat Business.

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"Tim’s program was an incredible learning experience for everyone on my management team. His content was right on the money and his delivery was engaging and interactive. Without a doubt, the best training we have ever had.”
Greg George, President, Bloedorn Lumber